About Us

Auckland Freshwater Anglers Club offers fishing trips all year round. Our Club caters to the novice as well as the seasoned angler.

We have been meeting on a regular basis for 40 years now. We are the largest fly-fishing club in New Zealand with 130 plus active members. Over recent months we have been growing and gaining great support from business partners, other clubs and environmental groups.

The focus of our club is on river and lake fishing for trout and salmon, in order to provide a greater experience for all those involved.

We are currently working with other clubs within New Zealand so we can all mutually benefit and share the resources we have.

Our club website and monthly newsletters gain interest from anglers all over the world.

Enjoy our monthly magazine - Riffles - with great reports by the members and sponsors.

New members expression of interest form is here.

Frequently asked questions

If you need help, we have a list of frequently asked questions and answers below. We strive to give you the best Fly Fishing experience possible. Click a question below to view the answer.

The Auckland Freshwater Anglers Club is a group of like minded Men and Woman who are passionate about Fly Fishing. 

The club meets every second Monday of the month, at 7.30pm.

To find us on a map - click on the Top Menu - Pages - 'Find Us'

To contact us directly, Click on the Top Menu - 'Contacts' ....and fill out the mail form. Our Secretary will respond as soon as they can.

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AFAC Fees and Subscriptions

1 - Firstly, you will need to fill out an Application form (see the one below) so that we have your contact details, and so we can add you to the Monthly AFAC newsletter, as well as the mail lists for each month. The application form can be filled out below....or you can go ONLINE if you wish, for easier viewing.

Simply .....fill out the google Application Form and submit. Our Secretary or other committee member will reply as soon as they can.

Or you can email the secretary directly if you wish - secretary@afac.org.nz

2 - Come along to one of our Monthly club meetings and meet some folk and see if the Club is for you. To find our where we are - click HERE

Still Interested?

Where to Find Us.?


You will join a group of like minded fishermen and fisherwoman, who come from all kinds of backgrounds and interests. You will have access to a wealth of knowledge, and learning materials from our Library, and you will enjoy guest speakers each month at our meetings.

There are tutorials on Fly Fishing techniques, and tutorials on fly tying so that you can tie some of your own sneaky weapons for our scaled friends.

Also you will come across second hand fishing gear from time to time, as other members upgrade or retire and pass on their gear to the club.

You will enjoy the comradery of all things fishy, and pick up valuable tips from some top notch fishermen and NZ Champions. Not only that, you will enjoy some discount from our sponsors if you present your AFAC card, when purchasing new gear.

But the greatest thing is of course is the actual fishing, and you can join club members on monthly trips to Rivers and lakes all over the North Island, for a very reasonable cost. Its a Hoot.!!

So what are you waiting for.??


Firstly it pays to know what Club Trip you would like to join so that you know the date. See our current scheduled trip list -- HERE.

Once you have found one that you would like to join, simply email the captain at the following - captain@afac.org.nz

Each month we outline what trips are coming up on the website, and we also send out am email newsletter to all members. Its a first in, first served basis, and usually restricted to around 10-12 fishermen.

So you need to get in quick and target the trips you would like to be on. The Captain can give you more details. 

Not to the meetings....no. We try to discourage our members from wearing waders to the meetings....it just looks weird.!!

So come along to the meetings and meet some of the club members, and if you are keen on a trip, and have never fished before, we will find some gear to get you through the weekend, so that you can purchase your own after you have been bitten by the fishing bug.