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newmemberjudy2013We are a really friendly club and we welcome new members. Being a member has many advantages. One is that you have access to your fellow members. Just ask the Secretary or access the members list on the name board on club night.

We offer;

  • Monthly meetings and newsletter                            Club library
  • Fishing trips                                                        Club owned accommodation
  • Casting and fishing tuition                                    Club discount at many fishing shops 


If you happen to see one of these members at one of our events or meeting, please say hello and share your experience. 

Riley Bell

Peter Stenhouse

John Laue



First Cast

Happy New Year! I hope you and your families have had a great Christmas break. I hope the plan of floating “fishing” Christmas gift ideas worked out for you. There was a lot of wet weather around over December but yet, somehow, I still managed to get out there and throw a line out!

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New Members

Join Us Today

Welcome and thank you for taking the time to have a look at our website.

If you have got this far, you have the interest. How about turning it into action. Joining a club is definitely the way to go as you are supported by friendly and like minded people.

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Welcome to the AFAC

Since 1972 the Auckland Freshwater Anglers Club has supported freshwater fly fishing in Auckland.

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Introduction to the club

Why our club.?

We have been meeting on a regular basis for 40 years now. We are the largest fly-fishing club in New Zealand with 130 plus active members. Over recent months we have been growing and gaining great support from business partners, other clubs and environmental groups.

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Club Meetings

Quik Flik

AGM Meeting for Aug 10th 2015

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Still Interested?

How about talking to us or come along to one of our monthly meetings as our guest and check us out.

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Club Finances

AFAC Fees and Subscriptions

Interested in Joining the Auckland Freshwater Angling Club.?  The fees are quite reasonable for you and your family.!!

The AFAC annual membership fees are detailed in the table below....

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Club Payments

The process described on this page details how payments can be made via on-line banking to the Auckland Freshwater Anglers Club [AFAC].

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General Club Info

Club Polo Shirts and Jackets

40th Anniversary Club Shirts and Jackets.

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