5 Novice Tips

Hi I am Robyn Arrowsmith. I have been fishing since September 2011. I went to Rotorua with a friend to the Ohau inlet. I hooked 6 standing on the bank in one place and dry flying but never landed any, each one caught me by surprise, my friend caught two which we ate.  

5 items you must initially buy

Here is my list of the first five items you must buy to start fishing seriously. Whatever you do, don’t make an impulse purchase - take a walk down the aisle of your chosen supplier and ask a professional for their advice. Then go away and think about it. You might need to save up to buy the right one, but it’s worth spending a bit more to get a quality product.

Wader Safety
wadersafetyAuckland Freshwater Anglers Club Inc. RECOMMENDED RULES FOR WADER SAFETY

For Those Who Wish to Avoid Becoming A Statistic.