How to remove a fishing hook from a human, painlessly and safely

Using this hook removal method, there is one common factor - the almost complete, and surprising, lack of any pain.

removing a hook safelyOne day it happens to all anglers. A hook does it job and hooks up, but not into a fish. It hooks up in you or one of your fishing partners. Removing a hook embedded over the barb, but not back out through the skin, is relatively easy:


Make a loop about 10cm (6") long, in strong line, 10kg (20lb) plus, and pass it over the eye of the hook, and then up to the top of the bend of the hook.


Push firmly down on the eye of the hook so the eye of the hook touches the skin.


With a sudden, strong yank on the line loop, pull up and away from the hook-eye. The hook should come out the way it went in, and because it will curve out the same way it went in the barb should not catch.


Here are shot action shots taken of our members putting this into practice. Thankfully Rob Armstrong knew what to do at our club trip to Rotoura in May 2012. No actors, fishermen/ladies or animals were harmed during the filming of this event. The fly was owned by the Club Secretary and he was recorded in saying that he was disappointed that 9th catch of the day happened to hooked in the lower lip....