5 Novice Tips

Hi I am Robyn Arrowsmith. I have been fishing since September 2011. I went to Rotorua with a friend to the Ohau inlet. I hooked 6 standing on the bank in one place and dry flying but never landed any, each one caught me by surprise, my friend caught two which we ate.  

Next time I went fishing was in the south island at Xmas with my brother and nephew we were away for three weeks and fish different places up the west coast, my nephew was the only one to catch a small rainbow. We also fished in Blenheim with my very experienced son in law, he always catches a fish but not this time.

When I got back to Auckland I was getting desperate to fish again so goggled fly fishing, and found AFAC. I have been on three club trips now and have caught many and eaten one. I still lose lots and need a lot more practice. Every time I go away a more experienced member of the AFAC will help me, giving me training and advice everyone is just great.


I have been ask to get a group together, so, if you haven’t been on a club trip before, or not for a while, and would you like too, come with me and my non fishing husband on the next club trip to Ngongataha in May.   Look forward  to see you on the next trip to Ngongataha.


Here are my 5 novice tips

1. Suitable foot wear, good boots for going up streams.

2. Ample supply of flies, go to a fishing shop and ask, and get flies suitable for the place you are going fishing.

3. Learn to tie a couple of knots well. The surgeon knot and the one they use to tie the hooks on with.

4. Fishing Vest, I managed to borrow one thank goodness, but you really need one.

5. Clean tea towels