5 Photo Tips

How to take good photographs of your big catch:

Neill Castles has been a member of the club for nearly 20 years, he is currently a professional photographer and has kindly shared some great tips with us.


  1. Hold the fish under the head and by the tail, try to keep your fingers under the head, not halfway up the side of the fish facing the camera.
  2. Hold the fish at roughly a 45degree angle to the camera and away from your body ie have the fish pointing to the camera as against just side-on.
  3. Turn on your flash, even on a sunny day, have the sun behind the camera.
  4. New compact waterproof camera's can now take stunning underwater shots. Don't forget your snorkel and goggles !!!.
  5. Set your camera to Auto or (Aperture Priority and your lowest fstop if you know what you are doing) and fill the frame - usually from the waist up. There are many different poses, so have something in mind before landing the big one - it pays to be optimistic and prepared.